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Pure Argan Oil, All the Way from Morocco - XO Curls Cold-pressed Argan Oil

by Tanya Eldred Bhat 13 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Increasingly, we’re all looking to be more conscious of what we’re putting in our bodies. That includes what we put on our skin and hair. Curly hair needs more love than other kinds of hair. 
Realising that argan oil was perfect for curls, XO Curls founder Tanya Bhat decided to import it from Morocco, the home of the argan tree, for Indian curlies. 

In lists of hair care products for curly hair, you may have seen argan oil being mentioned as ideally for creating curly hair styles. Curly hair tips usually mention argan as being the best leave-in for curls. This is because argan is lightweight yet moisturising – perfect to hydrate curls without weighing them down. Absorbed quickly, argan oil also lets you style your hair while protecting it from damage or breakage. 

As #TheCurlyHairExpert in India, XO Curls Cold-pressed Argan Oil is perfect for curly wavy hair and is totally compatible with the curly method. Why, you ask? We’ll give you a list! 

It’s imported from Morocco
XO Curls Cold-pressed Argan Oil is brought you directly from Morocco, making it the purest version available today. 

It’s 100% organic and cold-pressed
Cold-pressing seeds ensures that the oils don’t lose nutrients. Organic oil is freeWeb Design of pesticides and is safe to use even on babies. 

It’s free of fragrances, additives, and preservatives
Unlike other brands purporting to be Moroccan, XO Curls Cold-pressed Argan Oil is completely free of allergic substances like fragrances or preservatives. 

A little goes a long way
Just a bit of XO Curls Cold-pressed Argan Oil every day will leave your curls shiny and soft. 

It reduces breakage and frizz
When used with the XO Curls Detangling Comb, the XO Curls Cold-pressed Argan Oil helps your hair look and feel better and healthier.

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