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About XO Curls

About XO Curls

Our mission is to help all people love the hair they’re born with. We aim to offer a complete set of solutions that are natural and nourishing, designed for curly-haired people from India.

Our Story

XO Curls was born of love for curly hair, nature, and self-care. Fed up with not being able to find the right hair products for her wavy/curly/moody hair, founder Tanya Bhat decided she was going to find out how to have a good hair day, every day.

Curious and conscientious by nature, she started learning everything she could about hair. She realised that so many things mattered – how well we know our hair at different life stages, the ingredients that go into each product, techniques to get each hair type looking its best, and so much more. What’s more, the grooming, maintenance, and protection of curly hair is absolutely different from straight hair – something few people knew or talked about, till now.

Tanya’s first brainchild was the XO Curls Shower Detangling Comb, which was met with love and acclaim amongst its users. From there, Tanya decided that XO Curls, as a brand, needed to grow by focusing on the needs of women and men with curly hair.


When we love your curls and they love us back!

"The most gentle method to detangle my curls
yet. Hair fall is a thing of the past."

- Uttara Venugopal

"The frizz has reduced with this comb.

- Dhriti

"It's an elixir to the curly hair for detangling for both wet and dry hair
without much glitches in a very smooth way."

- Vsrinivas

"Comb works on wet or dry hair & does not pull out hair. It has a no slip grip and is made out of a sturdy material. Pleased with this purchase."

- Alisa A

"My hair is super dry due to the amount of times I’ve colored it and bleached it. My first time of using this oil and it’s already made it less dry and less frizzy. It’s also way more smoother and my waves have remained intact."

- Priya Subramani

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