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Presenting Our Flagship Product - The XO Curls Detangling Comb

by Tanya Eldred Bhat 13 Dec 2022 0 Comments

When it comes to hair care products for curly hair, India is at a nascent stage. For years, those with curly hair have been teased about their locks. Curly hair styles were whatever shape your hair took after washing. And curly hair tips usually were “maybe straighten it?” or “cut it short”. 

Growing up, XO Curls founder Tanya Bhat wished for more help to deal with her curly curls. As an adult, after starting two businesses, she thought, why not start something myself? Her first product, the XO Curls Detangling Comb has wowed users and reviewers, paving the way for XO Curls to become #TheCurlyHairExpert in India. 

The XO Curls Detangling Comb is perfect for curly wavy hair and is totally compatible with the curly method. Why, you ask? We’ll give you a list!

It’s designed for curls 
With wavy teeth of alternating lengths, it gently detangles curls without breaking them. 

It’s perfect for hanging in the shower
The Curly Girl Method (CGM) involves you combing your hair when it’s wet. The XO Curls. Detangling Comb comes with a handy hook so it can hang out in your shower, ready to be used. 

It’s textured for grip 
Whether you use conditioner, oil, or gels in the shower, the XO Curls Detangling Comb won’t slip away. With its textured surface, it is slip-proof. 

It comes in 4 attractive colours 
Even looking at your favourite colour makes you smile, well before you use it. 

It is made of recycled plastic
The XO Curls Detangling Comb is not just good for your curls, it’s good for your planet too!

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