• Shower Detangling Comb for Easy Hair Detangling
Shower Detangling Comb for Easy Hair Detangling

Shower Detangling Comb - Blue

The XO Curls Shower Detangling Comb is designed to gently remove knots and tangles, featuring wave-shaped teeth that glide through hair with minimal breakage. Suitable for wavy hair, the comb comes in various colors and includes a convenient hook for easy bathroom storage.

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• Gently removes knots and tangles.
• Minimizes hair breakage.
• Made from recycled plastic.
• Convenient hook for easy storage in the bathroom.
• Available in a range of colors for a personalized touch to your hair care routine.

How to Use

• The XO Curls Shower Detangling comb should be used on wet hair along with conditioner for easy, pain free detangling. Experience minimal hair loss when using this comb as compared to finger detangling.

• Ideal for those following the Curly Girl (CG) method, the comb offers a gentle solution for maintaining wavy or curly hair. Hang it in the bathroom using the included hook for convenient storage.

Cleaning: To clean the XO Curls Shower Detangling Comb, simply rinse it with water.

Product Details

Product Name: XO Curls Shower Detangling Comb
No.of peices: 1
Color: Blue

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Are these combs suitable ONLY for curly hair?

No. They can be used on wavy hair too. The XO Curls combs are meant to be used on wet hair after applying conditioner to detangle hair.

Apart from detangling, what are the other benefits of using the XO Curls Shower Detangling Combs?

These combshelp minimize hair breakage and shape curl clumps while removing knots and tangles.

Why comb curly hair when it's wet or with conditioner?

This avoids frizz. Your hair is most elastic when wet and combing it without conditioner or oil can cause breakage from stretching. Combing when wet and lubricated with conditioner, oil, leave-in or curl cream helps you remove tangles gently and retain clumps, which help in wave and curl formation.

Why should you never comb or brush wavy or curly hair when it’s dry?

Curly hair is dry and brittle. Dry-combing leads to frizz, flyaways, breakage and split ends. Curls are formed when clumps of hair stick or weave together to form curls. When you break these clumps, your hair looks frizzy.