Combs To Scrunch Caps

Combs To Scrunch Caps: This Brand Takes Extra Good Care Of Curly Hair

What Makes It Awesome

For someone with curly hair, this writer totally understands what it means to take care of those gorgeous curls. And ladies and gentlemen with curly hair, you will totally get our feeling when we say that there are no proper combs in the market that help you tame those tresses. And detangle those unruly knots like a boss. But all that changed for this writer after he picked up a Shower Detangling Comb from XO Curls. Born out of necessity -- the founder Tanya Eldred Bhat wanted to make a comb to take care of her wavy-curly hair because almost every other comb in the market were sadly inefficient -- Tanya's XO Curls is an online haircare brand that has a range of products that are focused on taking care of curly hair.  

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