• Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush for Hair Growth and Clean Scalp - Pink.
Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush for Hair Growth and Clean Scalp - Pink.

Scalp massaging shampoo brush -Pink

The XO Curls Gentle Shampoo Brush for Hair Growth and Clean Scalp is a great tool to massage and nourish your scalp and hair while washing. Without adding any steps to your curl care routine, it promotes circulation, stimulates follicle growth, and helps exfoliate your scalp to clear product build-up and dandruff.

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• Stimulates the scalp and hair follicle growth
• Helps reduce product buildup and dandruff flakes
• Helps reduce stress and increases relaxation
• Made of biodegradable, zero-waste wheat straw bioplastic with natural polymers and premium silicone bristles
• Suitable for men, women, and kids
• Ergonomic grip for use in the shower

How to Use

• Use when shampooing. After lathering your scalp, use the XO Curls Gentle Shampoo Brush in small circles along your hairline first. Work your way to the middle of each side till you have covered your entire scalp. Use with XO Curls Hydrating Shampoo for best results.

To Clean: Simply rinse the brush free of shampoo and let dry. For a deeper occasional cleaning, wash with soap and scrub clean with a small brush.

Product Details

Product Name: XO Curls Gentle Shampoo Brush
No.of peices: 1
Color: Peach

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Are there any specific techniques for applying curly hair products?

Yes watch our how to videos to learn more, though the golden rule is never to brush or comb dry hair.

How often should I use curly hair products?

As long as you have curly hair :) so always use products especially created for wavy or curly hair.

Are these products suitable for all curl textures?

Yes, XO Curls products are crafted to enhance and nourish all curl textures, from loose waves to tight coils.

Do these products help with frizz control?

Absolutely! XO Curls products are specially formulated to combat frizz, leaving your curls smooth, defined, and frizz-free.