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XO Curls

Flax Seed Heat Cap

Flax Seed Heat Cap

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The XO Curls Flax Seed Heat Cap helps your hair soak in moisture and nourishes it better, while also helping it look great!

Made of comfortable, high-quality cotton, these Heat Caps have microfiber cotton pockets that contain flax seeds for even heat. To use, just microwave the cap and then place it on your hair, covering all the strands completely. When used with conditioner, the XO Curls Flax Seed Heat Cap helps lock in moisture, strengthens your hair follicles, reduces hair loss, and soothes your scalp. The cap can be used even on injuries and for period pain, essentially, it’s a natural warm pack. Microwaving it creates heat that is retained by the flax seeds.

Once it cools off you can always reheat again by the same process.

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